We work on the basis of products that have a high added value, produced under the highest quality standards.

Vitamin K3

DIROX S.A., being one of the biggest and world`s oldest K3 vitamin plants, produces and sells all the above-mentioned line of K3 products in the market for more than 20 years.

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Vitamin K3 Extra Refined

After of exhaustive refining processes, we can also offer Vitamin K3 Extra Refined, especially for the pharmaceutically and veterinary producers of K3 drugs, Dirox S.A. has developed  a new product, vitamin K3 extra refined for veterinary and pharmaceutically industries.

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Vitamin K3 Standars (MSB and MNB)

Dirox S.A. provide the best standards of Vitamin K3, for Menadione Sodium Bisulfite and Menadione Nicotinamide Bisulfite, manufactured with the highest levels of purity.

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Products for the tanning and retanning of leather

The tanning is by definition the transformation of any skin in leather that is afterwards employed in the shoe industry, leather goods and upholstery and in an infinity of articles used in the fashion world and in each person’s everyday life.

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