Our Mission

Our mission is to be one pillar in humanity feeding, producing vitamins to complement the adequate nutrition in millions of animals worldwide, being part therefore in the daily food of a large part of the global population on several continents . As an occupant of a prominent position in the world market, it is our constant vocation to consolidate and preserve Dirox S.A as one of the best companies in the field in terms of product quality and commercial reliability.

Our vision is the permanent evolution, using new technologies to improve the quality and sustainability of production, implementing new products development,  increasing energy efficiency, preventing pollution, preserving the safety and health of our employees and associates, keeping as a fundamental goal the continuous improvement in the satisfaction of our customers, staff, shareholders and community.

Our values are based on honesty, consolidation of efforts to establish and achieve common goals, a healthy climate within the company based on mutual respect, conscious labor discipline, social solidarity, consideration of our staff and associates and their families, rejection of any type of aggression among workers, the solution of any conflict in a pacific manner, vocation for quality, safety, environmental care, health care and safety in the workplace, respect for Country and its institutions,  complying with any promulgated or future legal requirements and other regulations, as well as the industrial group to which we belong, and the constant concern to preserve the good reputation of the Company.