Energy Efficiency

Dirox S.A., participated for the first time in the National Energy Efficiency Award. This Award is an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) and aims to recognize those projects at the national level that are aimed at energy efficiency. In this way, it is intended to give visibility to the institutional commitment and promote the development of new projects in all sectors.

 Some of the Energy Efficiency actions implemented in Dirox:

 - Replacement of Fuel Oil by biomass in steam generation

 Reduction of 80% in the consumption of Fuel Oil, aligned in this way with the Policy of the country to produce energy from renewable sources.

 - Optimization of EE consumption in large fans.

 Implementation of variable speed drives, in the fans of the Salcromo Drying Plant, with the aim of optimizing the consumption thereof, in relation to the volume of air necessary for the process.

 - Energy saving in the lighting of the Plant

 Replacement of all, by equipment with more efficient alternative technology (low consumption lamps and LED lighting).