Management System

Integrated System:
Quality, Innocuousness, Safety and Environment

Integrated Management System Policy

Our organization is putting into practice an Integrated Management System, which originated from the Quality Management System (ISO 9001). We obtained its certification in October 2008 and was audited by LSQA (Latu Sistemas) and Quality (Austria).

Environmental policies are integrated into the adoption of the ISO 14001:2015 Standard, which was put into practice as form July, 2005, and in August and September 2006 we were audited for certification by  UNIT and LSQA (LATU Sistemas) certifying bodies, thus obtaining a double certification of our Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001:2004 Standard issued by the certifying bodies mentioned above as well as by Quality (Austria), AENOR (Spain) and IQNet with the participation of national and foreigner auditors.

Regarding the Occupational Safety and Health, an Ocupational Hazard Prevention Plan (PPRL in Spanish) began to be implemented in 2003 considering aspects related to the workers safety and health. Based on this Plan and as a result of the continuos work don on it.. Dirox S.A. obtained the certification of the Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 thanks to an auditing process whitc took place in August 2007 by LSQA (LATU Systems) and Quality (Austria) certifying bodies, aspects which have been completely integrated into DIROX S.A. Management System.

The Integrated Management System considers the following aspects:

  • Organization Policy Definition.
  • Processes Planning
  • Objectives and Programs Definition
  • Organization Structure and Responsibilities
  • Training / Coaching / Awareness
  • Communications (internal and external)
  • Emergency Response / Permanent Training of the Emergency Brigade
  • Follow-up and Mesurement of Products and Processes
  • Calibration of critical equipment
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Unconformities (treatment and analysis)
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Internal Audits
  • Internal Safety and Hygiene Commission
  • Revision by managers


At the same time, our organization is a member of the “Responsible Care of the Environment” Program since year 2001.

This Program is applied internationally, is regulated in Uruguay by the Association of Chemical Industries of Uruguay (ASIQUR in Spanish). Dirox has an active participation in such Program and has been subject of several audits with optimal results thanks to our continuos effort for taking care of the environment.

In March 2020, Dirox received the audit of the “Responsible Care of the Environment” Program performed by LSQA, and getting optimal results, which put us into the higest ranking category .

Dirox has taken part of the first two international implementation stages of the Program “Excellence in a Cleaner Production” developed in Uruguay during years 2005 and 2006 along with such organization and  University of Montevideo, getting important achievements related ti its application and staying actively related to the Program during this year.

At the same time, during 2007 we started to work on the implementation of the FAMI-QS standard, and we wereawarded the certification in February 2008. The certification audit took place in our industrial plant form February 4th. to 7th. and was performed by SGS Belgium. FAMI-QS is a professional European Standard whose objetiveis to guarantee both hygiene and food safety of the additive and premixtures used in animal feeding. Dirox S.A. strategy includes a continuous improvement in quality and safety, both in our plants as well as in our products and services, by applying the best international practices available at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dirox's Integrated Management System comprises, among other issues, the company's Corporate Social  Responsibility actions.

Environment Protection:

Investments in prevention and environmental control, teamwork enforcement, implementation of a certified Environmental Management System.

Labour Rights Protection:

Strict, systematic control of occupational health and safety conditions, as well as abiding of general occupational regulations, incentive policies and continuous training in the framework of a bipartisan Commission of Safety and Hygiene composed by workers and  company representatives as well as specialized technicians. This Commission began operation in November 2004.

Consumer Rights Protection:

DIROX has a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. This standard fundaments are based on the fulfilment of customers requirementes.

Involvement in the community/social development:

Dirox priority is to hire local manpower (Libertad City area). At the same time, several social actions have taken place in the area,reaching out to social organizations, performing activities of the community and working alongside with NGOs of social and environmental profile (Example: Repapel), visitors are welcomed to our premises either in the framework of curricular activities of private parties. Whitin this framework our “open-doored industry” is born. Dirox plants of systematize our Corporate Social Responsability policies along the lines of the  ISO 26000 standard.