Dirox SA is an Uruguayan company of global scale, with presence in markets of dozens of countries of the whole world with its two main production lines: Vitamin K3 (Menadione) for animal feed and its derivatives (MNB, MNB Plus, MPB, MPS Plus, MSB, MSBC), being one of the world's largest producers of this product line, as well as Basic Sulfate of Chromium and Synthetic Tannins, products widely used in the leather industry for the tanning and retanning of this raw material.

Year 1996 marked the beginning of the commercial operations of Dirox in Uruguay, with the main  objective of landing up in the American market from the Canada to South America.

In 1998, locally-manufactured products are added to the business. Since then, the commercial strategy aims to increase the national production with the idea of progressively substitute the production of foreign origin.  In that year, the local manufacturing of liquid Chromium Basic Sulphates (Salcromo) and Synthetic Tannins mixes began.

In April 2000, a new qualitative leap takes place in the production process with the manufacturing of K3 vitamin and salcromo at the same time.  This represented a competitive advantage, which added to the technical and commercial assistance implemented for the American market customers.

In March 2002 an atomization system with spray-dry is adopted which enabled the production of Chromium Basic Sulphate in powder, to be exported to the farthest destinations.

Customers of Dirox SA are the world's leading companies in the production of animal rations as well as vitamin premixes to be added to animal feeds, with the production of Dirox SA destined to complement the adequate feeding of millions of animals throughout the world ( preferably poultry, pigs, fish), which then pass into the human food chain, influencing Dirox therefore in the daily feeding of a large part of the world population.

With pride and as one of the main exporters of its sector in Uruguay Dirox SA places in its products the label "Made in Uruguay" positioning Uruguay in the world as one of the producers of components of great importance for the well-being of the humanity.

The brands of Dirox SA, KAVIST, SALCROMO and DIRTAN, are known and respected worldwide by hundreds of our buyers, with large multinationals among them.

The quality, security and safety required throughout the production line is a commitment of Dirox S, A and is confirmed by the main global certifying bodies in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management System certified by LSQA ( LATU Sistemas) and OQS (Austria), in 2006 and its successive renewals), OHSAS 45001: 2007 (Occupational Health  and Safety Management System also certified by LSQA (LATU Sistemas) and OQS (Austria), in 2007 and subsequent years Certifications), ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System certified by LSQA (LATU Sistemas) and OQS (Austria), in 2008 and successive renewals) as well as by the FAMI-QS (Feed Additives and PreMixtures - Quality System certified by SGS since 2008 and its successive renewals) regarding the production process of Vitamin K3 and its derivatives.

Also since 2001 Dirox S.A has been adhered to the program Responsible Care®, an international program implemented in Uruguay by the Association of Chemical Industries of Uruguay (ASIQUR), receiving audits periodically, that maintain certification in this Program.

Dirox has also participated in the instances in Uruguay of the international program "Excellence in Cleaner Production".

Dirox SA make use of sustainable technologies such as use eucalyptus biomass to produce steam, the utilization of solar panels, all of which, together with the aforementioned company’s distinctions, witnesses Dirox SA's commitment to quality, safety, health care, the environment and sustainable development.

Dirox exports its production also to Europe and Asia with label "Dirox S.A. - Made in Uruguay".